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DSM in Medical

Dyneema Purity® Woven

High quality medical-grade Dyneema Purity® woven textile, for use in the design of cardiovascular applications

A broad array of forces is driving the growing demand for minimal invasive surgery (MIS). MIS procedures typically result in less discomfort and faster recovery times for patients. As such, medical device manufacturers seek materials that enable the production and design of devices with lower profiles.

Based upon the thinnest UHMWPE fiber in the world, Dyneema Purity woven® TG 10 dtex promotes the design of smaller devices without compromising strength and durability. The woven material is developed with use in the design of potential applications like next generation TAVI heart-valves in mind.

Ready to use woven structure

Dyneema Purity® 10 dtex fiber is widely used in clinical applications where profile reduction is required. As weaving Dyneema Purity® 10 dtex fiber requires significant skills, DSM introduces ready to use Dyneema Purity® woven TG 10 dtex textile to the medical device industry. This readily available textile of consistent high quality, enables medical devices manufacturers to purely focus on the design of their devices and not on the actual textile development. Dyneema Purity® woven TG 10 dtex is a flexible and durable material, showing excellent mechanical properties in both warp and weft direction as well as a high suture retention strength. The material is hemocompatible and supported with an extensive data package including in-vivo data.


  • Flexible material, suitable to establish profile reduction in medical device design
  • Durable material
  • Excellent mechanical properties in warp and weft direction
  • High suture retention strength
  • Readily available and of consistent quality
  • Biocompatible
  • Hemocompatible material comes with an extensive data-package, including in-vivo data

Potential Applications

  • Heart valves
  • Heart valve leaflets
  • Heart valve skirts
  • Stent grafts
  • AAA-stent grafts