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DSM in Medical

Dyneema Purity® SGX fiber

The first medical-grade UHMWPE fiber specifically designed for use in the human body

Dyneema Purity® fiber is a medical grade ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene fiber that’s ideal for devices or surgical systems requiring maximum strength and staying power. It’s the world’s strongest fiber — 15 times stronger than steel and 40% stronger than aramids on a weight-for-weight basis and three times stronger than polyester on a volume basis.

Dyneema Purity SGX fiber

Medical grade UHMWPE fiber

With a long and proven track record, this material has found its way to millions of patients in a broad range of medical devices used in the body temporarily or permanently.

Combining high strength, abrasion resistance and flexibility

From demanding suture designs to the most delicate procedures within joints, the SGX grade of Dyneema Purity® fiber has the high strength, flexibility and abrasion resistance needed to help improve patient outcomes.

Sutures made with this fiber can withstand the enormous stresses put on the material during arthroscopic procedures by knot-pushing devices. This strength helps to reduce the breakage commonly seen during rotator cuff repair surgery when polyester sutures are used.


  • High strength and high modulus
  • High pliability and softness
  • Lower profile with equivalent strength
  • Proven biocompatibility
  • Non-hemolytic
  • Cut resistant
  • Low friction coefficient


  • High strength orthopedic sutures: For soft tissue repair demanding strength yet low profile to help fast and reliable repair and patient comfort
  • Small joint sutures: For repairing small joints – including extremities, elbows, and ankles – plus craniofacial procedures
  • Arthroscopy: For reduced-profile devices that maintain the strength and functionality of larger devices
  • Shoulder/rotator: For unparalleled strength and stability in the most innovative sports medicine devices, with low profiles to keep suture knots small
  • Knee/ACL: For optimizing critical connections with less trauma to ligament and bone, including better graft fixation to the femur; for stronger meniscal replacement
  • General Surgery: For use in various implantable textile structures like meshes where low profile, strength and softness are important requirements


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