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DSM in Medical

Dyneema Purity® TG fiber

High quality medical-grade fiber designed for use in cardiovascular applications

Dyneema Purity TG fiber

Low profile without compromise on strength

Dyneema Purity® TG fiber is as strong as our SGX fiber but thinner, enabling smaller implants. The fiber is developed with transcatheter cardiovascular applications in mind. The TG grade helps meet the need for developing smaller, lower profile implants for minimally invasive surgical procedures without sacrificing strength and durability.

Low friction fiber with high softness

An extremely low friction coefficient facilitates sliding inside a catheter against other materials, while its softness and smaller size reduces the invasive nature of implantable devices, lowering tissue inflammation and irritation.


  • Lowest profile yet high strength
  • Excellent fatigue and abrasion resistance
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Proven biocompatibility and hemocompatibility
  • Effective combination of high pliability and low elongation
  • Stronger than steel, soft as silk


  • Catheters: For design of strong (high pressure balloon) catheters with a low profile. Helps make smaller neurovascular catheters while maintaining the highest mechanical integrity
  • Stent grafts: For lower profiles yet mechanically robust textile or suture structures used in covered stent applications
  • Heart valves: For strong and thin textile designs used in (transcatheter) heart valves or annuloplasty rings
  • Pacing/Stimulation Leads: For reduced profile and enhanced mechanical integrity of leads used in neurovascular or Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management CRDM applications
  • Neurovascular: For helping reduce the profile of devices used for neurologic applications where both size and strength matters


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