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DSM in Medical

Dyneema Purity® UG and VG fiber

High quality medical-grade fiber for heavy duty orthopedic applications

Dyneema Purity UG and VG fiber

Super strong medical grade fibers

Dyneema Purity® UG fiber (white color) and Dyneema Purity® VG fiber (blue color for more contrast in MIS procedures) are about 25% stronger than our multi-purpose SGX fiber. They were developed specifically to meet the need for extremely strong, stable orthopedic implants that provide consistent performance over time.

Low elongation, pliability and smooth

Dyneema Purity® UG fibers also offer very low elongation (high modulus) to prevent unwanted stretch of fiber structures. These super strong fibers are remarkably pliable and smooth, and their softness and chemical inertness minimizes tissue inflammation and irritation.

The blue Dyneema Purity® VG fiber is made of 100% UHMWPE fiber, yet has been designed to create the necessary contrast to surrounding tissue, helping surgeons during their work without compromising strength.


  • Extreme strength and extremely high modulus
  • Soft as silk and highly compliant around bone
  • Lower creep. Designed for long term mechanical loading
  • Excellent fatigue and abrasion resistance
  • Proven biocompatibility
  • Non-hemolytic
  • No memory
  • Low friction coefficient


  • Joint repair or replacement: For stronger implants over the long term that demand extreme mechanical performance
  • Arthroscopy: For reduced profile devices that maintain the strength and functionality of larger devices
  • Spine: For high performance spinal repair, spinal fusion, disc replacement and interspinous devices; for designing stronger, more reliable devices used in emerging procedures like dynamic stabilization and other non-fusion applications
  • Trauma: For cerclage cables to help prevent bone damage yet provide extreme strength and low elongation
  • Knee/ACL: For optimizing critical connections with less trauma to ligament and bone, including good graft fixation to the femur; for stronger meniscal replacement


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