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DSM in Medical

Partnering with DSM

By partnering with DSM, we can offer you the broadest portfolio of biomaterials and process manufacturing in the industry. We help our partners increase the performance of each medical device by creting, developing, testing, and manufacturing highly effective biomaterial and regenerative medicine solutions, ready to bring to market.

Whether we collaborate with surgeons to understand unmet needs, medical device manufacturing partners to build materials and components, or sales partners for product distribution, we offer the creativity, productivity, and flexibility needed to develop successful partnerships that can make a difference.

We continue to innovate in partnership with our customers to create solutions that improve people’s lives. Together, we are at the leading edge of materials science, advancing healthcare by making medical devices longer lasting, more effective and less invasive. 

How to Become a DSM Partner

Together we create new materials, technologies, devices and manufacturing processes for products under development now, and in the future.