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DSM in Packaging & Graphic Arts

Akulon®: Dynamic plastic

Akulon® is a high-performance polyamide 6 used extensively for film extrusion in food, medical and industrial packaging.
Lady taking cheese from refrigerator

Akulon is fast becoming the material of choice for film formulators looking for an excellent barrier material that can significantly extend the shelf life of packaged food – and thus avoid the environmental and financial cost of food waste. The semi-crystalline structure of Akulon provides a strong barrier against oxygen and aromas; while the material also offers exceptional mechanical strength and durability. Not a bad package…

The Akulon family for packaging

Akulon XS

Polyamide blown film processing for flexible food packaging is more productive and cost effective when you use Akulon® XS.

Akulon Polyamide 6 (and 66)

AKulon polyamide 6 offers the right balance of solid oxygen barrier, excellent processing and mechanical properties - protecting both fresh and processed foods from spoilage, aging and discoloration. This versatile thermoplastic gives film formulators the best possible consistency in terms of viscosity, low gel count and moisture content, both within and between batches.

Akulon polyamide 6 has good mechanical strength at high temperatures in blown film; while with its exceptional viscosity and stability, Akulon polyamide 66 can be used wherever packaging is subject to high mechanical and thermal loads.

Akulon Lopa

The production efficiency is a key issue for Biaxially Oriented Film (BOPA) converters. Cleaning stops are a bottleneck in this efficiency process. Or at least they were, until we created Akulon® Lopa – a purer, more sustainable material that reduces cleaning stops  and thus increases productivity.

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All BOPA film converters are familiar with the challenge to improve production efficiency. Reducing production stops for cleaning of the equipment is a sure improvement. Another area of attention is the reduction of fine powder released into the air during production. This powder may pollute the production environment, block the equipment as well as potentially the quality of the film.

Akulon Lopa is a specially designed engineered plastic with a lower oligomer count. It’s especially suited to medical packaging where migration has been  a very critical parameter; and increasingly also for  food packaging – where new food contact legislation in Europe could be about to change the playing field.

By using Akulon Lopa our customers can safeguard air quality in production by reducing the amount of powder released into the air – which means increased productivity through less equipment cleaning and maintenance; plus the ability to extend production cycles by reducing extrusion die vaporing.