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DSM in Packaging & Graphic Arts

Arnitel: Your flexible friend

The Arnitel® family of Thermoplastic Copolyester Elastomers (known as TPE, COPE and TPC) offer some truly unique benefits to the packaging industry – largely based on their outstanding performance in extreme temperatures. There’s really nothing else like it…

Arnitel is ideal for food packaging applications ranging from freezer-to-oven bags to smokable sausage casings. It also offers optimum permeability - making it ideal for next-generation, breathable packaging (in fresh foods, for example) that could help extend shelf life and avoid food (and financial) waste.

Arnitel Eco: A breath of fresh air

Arnitel Eco is a high-performance Thermoplastic Copolyester Elastomer (TPC) derived from rapeseed oil that combines the best properties of polyolefins and polyamides. In the case of packaging that means no adhesion to the food content, low temperature flexibility - and ability to function at extreme temperatures…

Man holding a cooking bag with chicken inside while woman points towards bag

Arnitel Eco is partly made from renewable rapeseed oil rather than traditional mineral oil, which not only makes it a more carbon friendly solution, but also offers major advantages for film industry, retailers and brands.

This is especially true in functional packaging, where in freezer to oven bags it functions perfectly well at temperatures ranging from well below zero to 200 degrees c. What’s more, because Arnitel Eco is designed for film extrusion it can be processed on existing cast film and blown film lines.

Arnitel Eco has undergone extensive, lifecycle assessments measured against classic co-polyesters, cradle-to-gate. The result? Arnitel Eco has a carbon footprint up to 50% lower than comparable materials.

Arnitel VT

Arnitel VT TPE for breathable, monolithic film that has various packaging applications – not least smokable sausage casings.

Empty sausage casing

Arnitel VT is a monolithic material that offers superior water vapor permeability – but without the need for perforations or micro pores.

Furthermore, this unique copolyester has outstanding mechanical properties. It offers ease of processing for a range of packaging applications, and tanks to its unique monolithic structure and smart breathable capability it keeps your food safe whilst also providing a longer shelf life for the food.

Arnitel VT even helps boost taste. Several customers have used it to manufacture smokable casings for sausages. The result is a more price-competitive casing product with a deeper flavor.