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DSM in Packaging & Graphic Arts

EcoPaXX®: The ultimate bio-based plastic

Back in the day, plastics were perceived as oil-hungry, unsustainable materials. Not any more. EcoPaXX® is a high-performance polyamide 4.10 that’s perfect for packaging. This green plastic is truly unlike any other, with a neutral carbon footprint: Some 70% of its building blocks come from castor beans that don’t compete with the food chain (yes, you read that correctly).
Man opening meat package

EcoPaXX is living proof that it’s possible to use eco-efficient materials for packaging (and indeed many other applications) while also improving process efficiency and managing costs.

EcoPaXX is specifically derived from the tropical castor bean plant (Ricinus Communis), which grows in jungle areas with poor soils conditions where there is no competition for grown food: All of which makes it an ideal renewable energy resource.

From a packaging standpoint, EcoPaXX has far better moisture resistance than traditional polyamide 6 and 66 – which along with excellent dimensional stability make it perfect for extrusion to create strong, transparent barrier film with less haze.

Based on exhaustive (and ISO-approved) lifecycle assessments, EcoPaXX is proven to be carbon neutral from cradle-to-gate. In other words, the carbon dioxide (CO2) generated in producing the polymer is completely offset by the CO2 absorbed during plant growth.