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DSM in Packaging & Graphic Arts

Food packaging

Father and child doing groceries

From food safety to funky new functional packaging concepts. More>

Medical packaging

Woman holding a bag of blood in front of storage container

Flexible, safe solutions for primary and secondary medical packaging. More>

Industrial packaging

Worker wrapping box on wooden pallet in warehouse

Tough flexible materials that help protect valuable and hazardous cargo. More>

Thinking outside the box

Our performance materials are now being used for a diverse range of applications - from extending the shelf life of food, to protecting blood and IV bags, to safeguarding industrial products around the world.

We're able to draw upon in-depth experience in all these industries across the global DSM organization. We also continue to reach out to all the different types of player in the value chain - from film formulators and food processing companies to brand owners, manufacturers and retailers. As you'll see, it's resulted in some original and valuable innovations...

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