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DSM in Packaging & Graphic Arts

Getting a grip on medical packaging

Our thermoplastics are used in both primary and secondary medical packaging. It’s a given that we understand materials; but we also understand the medical industry. 
Detail of hand holding an injection syringe in a medical package

In medical packaging our aim is joint development with our customers – helping them bring the next generation of medical packaging solutions to the market.

The regulatory environment in the medical industry is of course critical to all activities well known to us. Our team of experts are highly experienced and can help answer our customers’ regulatory questions.

Akulon® for medical packaging

Medical device packaging needs to be strong to protect the packed device and provide an outstanding sterile barrier. Today, our Akulon Polyamide 6 is being used in medical device packaging concepts by many leading device manufacturers for multilayer flexible films which in turn are helping medical device companies move to lighter and more flexible medical packaging solutions.

Akulon is a tough, strong thermoplastic that offers outstanding mechanical strength and barrier properties. It’s also very easy and efficient to process.

In addition our newly developed Akulon® helps the medical packaging industry produce and market their films with a higher purity. Akulon is an upgraded polyamide material, which has a 40% lower C1 monomer count than conventional polyamide 6. During production of films, pollution of the lactams is reduced (especially during BOPA processing).

The result: A higher purity level in the multi-layer film. In fact, our Akulon grade has an especially high purity that helps reduce the amount of lactams escaping into the contents of the package – as well as the production equipment and general environment.

Bags & pouches

For IV bags, we see a big future for thermoplastics that protect their precious contents while also adding value to brands and the film formulation industry.

For IV bags and pouches we again see Akulon as an attractive barrier material in multi-layer concepts because of its ability to limit the migration of lactams into the liquid within – as well as providing tough mechanical strength.

For the secondary packaging of blood bags, our versatile Arnitel® co-polyester is shaping up as an ideal solution for steam sterilization packages. It offers a sterile barrier against bacteria and virus while at the same time being breathable and allowing steam to escape the package.