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DSM in Packaging & Graphic Arts

Getting to the core of food waste

Around 50% of the food produced in the world is wasted. It’s down to a wide combination of factors, and now the world’s regulators are doing something about it… More>

Hungry for better packaging

Whether it’s health, wellness or convenience, the needs and desires of the world’s consumers are changing fast – and the packaging industry will have to change with them. More>

Forging a sustainable future

When it comes to packaging, sustainability is all about reducing carbon footprint, preserving fossil fuels and reducing food and material waste through smarter solutions. More>

What’s trending in medical packaging?

The biggest trend we see in medical packaging is the continued move to more flexible packaging in both the primary and secondary sectors. More>

How does it stack up?

An increasingly industrialized world means more products and components and that inevitably means more packaging – which needs to add as much value as possible. More>

Why DSM?

Man shaking hands

We’re a proven global partner you can trust. More>