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DSM in Packaging & Graphic Arts

Demographic shifts: Hungry for better packaging

Whether it’s health, wellness or convenience, the needs and desires of the world’s consumers are changing fast – and the packaging industry will have to change with them.
Young girl eating a hot dog

The world population is growing, the world population is ageing, but most importantly the world population is changing.

We’re seeing a huge increase in health and wellness: Consumers are more choosey than ever about what they consume, with a continued emphasis on fresh food produced locally and sustainably…but with less preservatives and chemicals. Which of course means smarter packaging that protects but also adds functional value.

The global convenience culture

Fewer and fewer people in the world are cooking their own meals. In fact fewer people than ever have kitchens. Even in gastronomic heartlands like France the traditional sit-down meal is giving way to ready meals and convenience food geared to the mobile lifestyle that combines the virtual and tangible day-to-day activities of busy people, on the go.

The growth of ready meals and individual-sized portions points to the fact that we are eating more processed food. And as the world population rises, this demand will grow even further. In fact it’s estimated that in the next 50 years we will need to produce as much food as has ever been produced in the planet’s history in order to feed our population.

That means a greater demand for smart food packaging than ever…