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Getting to the core of food waste

Around 50% of the food produced in the world is wasted. It’s down to a wide combination of factors, and now the world’s regulators are doing something about it…
Pile of rotting fruit and vegetables

In its landmark report ‘The food we waste’, the pressure group WRAP concluded that at least 50% of the food we throw away every day is avoidable. And the situation is actually getting worse. In fact food waste is expected to hit 179kg per capita by 2020 – an increase of around 40%.

We all know how and why food is wasted: It gets damaged in production and transit. Around a quarter of all food waste is simply attributed to exceeding the expiration date; while another 25% of all food waste happens because the food is deemed to have an unpleasant look, taste or smell.

In all these cases better packaging could make a real difference.

The EU gets tough

The European Union (EU) has already announced that 2014 will be the Year Against Food Waste. Individual countries may be set reduction targets but the overall target is certainly ambitious: A 50% reduction in food waste from farm to fork by 2025.

As global food production increases, other regulators and governments around the world will not doubt join the EU in fighting waste.

But it’s a winnable war: With smart, sustainable, flexible packaging solutions made from high-performance materials, we can make avoidable waste avoidable.

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