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DSM in Packaging & Graphic Arts

Medical packaging: What’s trending?

The good news is we’re all living longer: But an ageing population means more medicine, and that in turn means more medical packaging – preferably more flexible than before to reduce space and waste.
Woman in white coat, placing capsules into a bottle

The biggest trend we see in medical packaging is the continued move to more flexible packaging in both the primary and secondary sectors. Next-generation materials will enable brands and manufacturers to produce packaging that does its primary job of safeguarding the contents; while also being smaller, lighter and less brittle – all of which makes storage, transport and usage far more effective.

In primary packaging, recycling is not an option - which makes the use of eco-efficient raw materials that are easy and less wasteful to process, even more important.

Meanwhile in secondary packaging - where recycling is of course allowed - the ability to manufacture bags and pouches made from thinner films will make production far easier.