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DSM in Packaging & Graphic Arts

Looking ahead: Forging a sustainable future

There’s no point in succeeding commercially in a world that fails – which is why sustainability is higher than ever on everyone’s agenda, including DSM.
Young girl and woman with blue sky

When it comes to packaging, sustainability is all about reducing carbon footprint, preserving fossil fuels and reducing food and material waste through smarter solutions.

That means environmentally friendly, lighter and more flexible materials that are easier to process, store and transport – while also bringing additional benefits to the consumers. Our response is family of bio-based plastics made from both castor beans and rapeseed. But sustainability isn’t just about the planet it's also about people – and protecting life itself through improved food protection and overall safety.

Once again, the right packaging materials have a key role to play here, especially In emerging economies like China, where food safety is still a consumer concern.

Meanwhile in the European Union we have recently seen stiffer directives introduced in the form of the Plastics Implementation Measure, which regulates the Specific Migration Limits of packaging materials into the contents of the package.

How long before the rest of the world follows?