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DSM in Packaging & Graphic Arts

DSM at your service: The full package

We provide a comprehensive service to the film formulation and food processing industries, working with our customers closely from an early stage to identify and deliver the best materials - and associated technologies.
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Good service is about close collaboration with our customers from the earliest stage possible.

At the heart of our value is the ability to give film formulators game-changing new materials that meet their customers’ needs. Identifying, evaluating, developing, testing - and eventually launching – these materials is a process that we have striven to simplify and improve in recent times through a more flexible approach that gets innovative products to market faster.

We have the technology

We are more than just a materials manufacture and have lots of insight and experience in film processing technology.

One potential solution we have developed is a sophisticated database that simulates the extrusion process with the ability to combine unlimited film layers in a multi-layer structure for experimental testing in the development phase.

Using this unique software we hope to help customers test the performance of different combinations. That includes permeability (water, oxygen) under various conditions; the ability to vary oxygen concentration on different sides of the multilayer, as well as the ability to vary relative humidity on both sides.

We can mimic experimental testing (e.g. Mocon measurements) with verified accuracy; as well as realistic conditions in packaging (like different relative humidity on both film sides).

We can also predict the influence of individual layer thickness on overall film performance; the influence of positioning of each individual layer on the overall barrier performance; as well as studies on the retortability of packaging.

It all adds up to deep-seated knowledge that benefits our customers.