DSM Coating Resins

Building a better coating – from the ground up

Coating resins for building & construction

Creating a strong, protective coating is a little like constructing a building; it starts with a strong foundation – the resin that provides the backbone. 

Our family of sustainable resins for coatings in the building and construction market enables you to build a better, more durable product – from primers to topcoats, and from indoor and outdoor decorative, to flooring, joinery and façade, and concrete constructions. Our technology toolbox is one of the broadest in the industry, covering waterborne, solvent borne, powder, solid acrylic and UV cure resins, as well as innovative plant-based resins and two-component systems. All this is complemented by our expert team, which is here to help you create the right product with the right properties and in the right way – with the lowest impact on the environment and health. 

Reliable, repeatable, dependable. 


Interior and exterior wall paint, trim paint lacquers, specialty primers and deck stains.


Wooden, PVC, linoleum and concrete flooring.

Joinery & Façade

From coatings for wood to pre-coated metal coils for buildings.

Concrete constructions

Our resins are used to create tough, durable traffic paints and hard-wearing coatings for bridges and concrete structures.

Other markets

  • Furniture

    Industrially produced wood and metal furniture for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Packaging

    Flexible packaging, plastic food packaging, cans and containers, paper and carton packaging.

  • Industrial General

    ACE, Lawn & Garden, heavy construction, equipment and machine parts, metal fabrication and exercise equipment.

  • Vehicle

    Automotive applications, including coatings for new cars and parts, and vehicle refinishing.

  • Consumer Goods

    White goods (refrigerator, washing machines), electronics, and electrical appliances (hairdryers). 

  • Telecom

    DSM is the world's leader for optical fiber coatings — a critical component of today's high-speed fiber networks.

Could we help you solve your coating challenge?

No matter what the application, substrate or technology, there’s a good chance our team can help you.