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Durable decorative coating resins

On the one hand, coating resins for the decorative market are all about protection and adhesion that lasts. On the other, it’s crucial that paint, varnish and lacquer look and feel great for the consumer. And, of course, you want to achieve all this with the lowest possible environmental footprint. It’s a difficult balancing act – but, with our family of waterborne resins, powder coating resins, plant-based resins and solventborne resins, we can help you meet the challenge head-on.

Key decorative applications

For interior wall paint, lacquers and primers, our resins help you make wood look beautiful – for example, with classic solid acrylics that are low in VOCs, or through high-gloss alkyds that are easy to apply. In outdoor applications – from deck stains to trim and wall paint – we help you create a non-crack, highly tough UV-resistant coating that lasts. 

Delivering top Decorative performance, naturally

Decovery® is our family of eco-friendly paint resins for building and construction applications and furniture – made from plants. 

But while Decovery® contains nearly 50% plant-based content, you can be guaranteed 100% performance. In fact, it’s proven to deliver the highest quality across a range of indoor and outdoor applications in demanding specialty products. Decovery® is durable and chemical-resistant. It provides a great finish with no yellowing effect, and it feels smooth to the touch. In fact, Decovery® performs equally to (and in some instances even better than) all crude oil-based acrylic equivalents. 

Equally importantly, it enables a carbon footprint reduction of up to 34% (externally evaluated) and is low-to-no VOC. In fact a zero-VOC paint is already on the market featuring Decovery®

Say hello to zero-VOC wall paint

“We’re a resins company… but we’re also an ideas company.”

“Decovery® is just one example of how, at DSM, we’re innovating based on the needs of the consumer. People want healthier, more sustainable products that last the course. Here at DSM, we’re in the unique position of having a complete technology toolbox in architectural applications. This combination of end-user knowledge, technology and formulation expertise is enabling us to bring a genuine solution to our customers in the paint and coatings industries rather than just a product. It’s what the market wants and it’s what we will continue to deliver.”

Sandeep Bhatt, Business Director, Architectural coatings

The compliance of science

As you’d expect from a long-established, global science company, our team has an intimate knowledge of the many complex and ever-evolving regulations governing our industry worldwide – from the United States to China and Europe – and, specifically, REACH. 

Creating healthier, safer and more sustainable resin technology is our top priority, which is why we strive to go beyond simply complying with regulations. In fact, we set ourselves some of the toughest sustainability goals in our industry – including Life Cycle Analyses (LCA) for all our products, based on internationally recognized standards. 

More on REACH

A new horizon for fast-drying decorative paint

There is a growing demand for decorative, fast-drying paint systems that deliver outstanding durability and don’t compromise on open time. Impossible? We don’t think so. Our new NeoPac™ PU-485 enables new levels of aesthetic and functional performance for decorative interior and exterior stains and trim paints, as well as for industrial wood, metals and joinery substrates. 

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A multi-surface solution for long-lasting adhesion

By delivering superior adhesion on almost all common substrates and eliminating the need for sanding, our NeoCryl® HP-1000 resin enables healthier trim and lacquer paint systems that last longer. What’s more, it offers excellent functional performance and has an exceptionally low environmental impact – providing a solution that’s good for people, and good for the world.

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The versatile acrylic workhorse

Our NeoCryl® A-820 resin is a high-performance, 100% acrylic resin designed to meet these needs, particularly in the decorative market. Designed as a highly versatile universal binder, this resin is particularly suitable for wall paint applications.

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Other markets

  • Furniture

    Industrially produced wood and metal furniture for indoor and outdoor applications.

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  • Packaging

    Flexible packaging, plastic food packaging, cans and containers, paper and carton packaging.

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  • Industrial General

    ACE, Lawn & Garden, heavy construction, equipment and machine parts, metal fabrication and exercise equipment.

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  • Vehicle

    Automotive applications, including coatings for new cars and parts, and vehicle refinishing.

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  • Consumer Goods

    White goods (refrigerator, washing machines), electronics, and electrical appliances (hairdryers).

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  • Industrial General

    High-performance UV-curable coatings for optical fiber material applications. 

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