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Coating resins for the flooring market

Scratches, dents and black heel marks, not to mention general wear and tear, are just some of the indoor flooring challenges you face. We can help you meet these challenges through a broad range of resin solutions, from tough urethanes and two-component systems to the latest sustainable technologies like UV and even waterborne UV. Whether in wood, PVC, linoleum, or even concrete for outside flooring applications, our protective resins can deliver fast drying times with a swift return to service, and are resistant to everything from stains and chemicals to abrasion.

Instant on-site re-coating system

Is a strong, solvent-free flooring that looks great with a single coating solution really possible? It is now… a waterborne UV-curable coating, suitable for a variety of floors built on our NeoRad resin technology.

The advantages of UV-cured resins are well known: not only are they VOC-free, but they enable the flooring to return to service almost immediately thanks to a drastic reduction in drying times, which can be as little as one hour. However, on site UV flooring is also highly resistant to everything from stains to detergents. In fact, it retains its excellent aesthetics with no need for an annual re-coat. Truly, fantastic flooring. 

Formula for flooring success

“Without doubt, formulation can make or break a coating system. The message we hear again and again from our customers is that they want a resin that’s easy to formulate, but also sufficiently flexible to be tailored for their precise needs – and all while delivering a solid, reliable system performance. This is really our core strength at DSM, across a really broad range of technologies. Yes, the resin is the backbone of the coating. But there’s a great deal of knowledge behind it, which we really enjoy sharing with our customers.”

Sjoerd Buil, Industry Manager Coatings EMEA

Next-level natural flooring protection

Are you looking for a next-level, easy-to-formulate, matt flooring finish? Say hello to Decovery® SP-2022 – a bio-based resin that helps you to deliver the outstanding ultra-matt aesthetics and high performance while greatly improving your production efficiency and ensuring respect for the health of people and the planet.  

In particular, Decovery® SP-2022 will ensure a flat, natural finish for flooring that both protects and beautifies, while ensuring up to one-hour of time savings during the formulation process. What’s more, not only does this resin deliver excellent scratch and chemical resistance that stands the test of time, but it also enables excellent in-can stability. As such, with Decovery® SP-2022, the future of matt flooring finishes is here today. 

Additionally - consumers, manufacturers and contractors are finding the ultimate self-matting solution with DSM’s Decovery SP-2022 and SP-2024. To reach optimal performance with easier processing, Decovery® SP-2022 and SP-2024 are self-matting, which means matting agents are not required to reduce gloss levels. These products are revolutionary and deliver uniform appearance throughout the coating.

Decovery® SP-2022 is available in Europe, click here to learn more. 

Decovery® SP-2022 and SP-2024 are available in North America , click here to learn more. 


Other markets

  • Furniture

    Industrially produced wood and metal furniture for indoor and outdoor applications.

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  • Packaging

    Flexible packaging, plastic food packaging, cans and containers, paper and carton packaging.

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  • Industrial General

    ACE, Lawn & Garden, heavy construction, equipment and machine parts, metal fabrication and exercise equipment.

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  • Vehicle

    Automotive applications, including coatings for new cars and parts, and vehicle refinishing.

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  • Consumer Goods

    White goods (refrigerator, washing machines), electronics, and electrical appliances (hairdryers). 

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  • Telecoms

    High-performance UV-curable coatings for optical fiber material applications. 

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