The ultimate self-matting

bio-based solution 

For protecting the natural beauty of floors 


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For protecting the natural beauty of floors 

More and more consumers are being drawn to low-gloss and matt finishes that protect the natural beauty of their floors, but these coatings often involve long and complicated formulation processes. The answer? Decovery® SP-2022 XP is a ground-breaking solution that enables easier and quicker coating processing, and higher aesthetic and functional performance for ultra-matt coatings for wooden and seamless floors.  

A breakthrough innovative solution

Decovery® SP-2022 XP was created by actively involving parties throughout the value chain in the product development process. So, whether you are a coating manufacturer with limited time and resources, a coating applicator keen to deliver a beautiful looking floor with great mechanical and chemical performance, or a consumer that wants a premium-look finish that lasts, Decovery® SP-2022 XP has something for you.

Wave goodbye to difficult formulations

With easy formulations, no use of matting agents, and excellent in-can stability, our self-matting Decovery® SP-2022 XP resin is quicker than ever to process and enjoy. In fact, on average you can save up to one hour in processing with our self-matting resin, compared to other commercially available alternatives. So why make life more difficult than it needs to be?

Making application easier than ever

Decovery® SP-2022 XP isn’t just better for coating formulators and manufacturers, it also enables coatings that are easier and better to apply. Specifically, applicators can forget about roller and lapping marks, and look forward to next-level flooring finishes. What’s more, Decovery® SP-2022 XP makes life easier for applicators by removing the need for glossing over time and allowing spot repairs.

For now and years to come

A natural, matt coating can bring the best out of wooden and seamless flooring, but it only looks great if it can perform today, tomorrow, and in years to come. With our ultimate self-matting resin Decovery® SP-2022 XP, you can rest assured. Not only is it easy to clean and retains its appearance without glossing, but its excellent stain and scratch resistance mean that your coating will stand the test of time, no matter what happens.


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Benefits of Decovery® SP-2022 XP 

Whether you are a coating manufacturer with limited time and resources, a coating applicator keen on making a good impression, or a consumer that wants a premium-look finish that lasts, Decovery® SP-2022 XP has something for you. Its wide-ranging benefits mean that – whatever your role in the value chain – you can enjoy a next-level coating today.

  • 0319007 DSMR Icoon1


    • Easy to apply
    • Without glossing over time
    • Spot repair possible
    • The lowest gloss lacquer available
  • dsm-decovery-sp-2022-icon-facilitymanager-150x150

    Facilities manager

    • A reduction in maintenance interval versus a traditional finish
    • Easy to clean
    • Without glossing over time
    • Excellent stain and scratch resistance
    • Ecolabel, Nordic Swan, der Blauwe Engel and AGBB compliant
  • dsm-decovery-sp-2022-icon-consumer-150x150


    • A natural matt based look and feel with lowest gloss and shine
    • Easy to clean
    • Retains appearance during its lifetime
    • Excellent stain and scratch resistance
    • Low in odor and environmentally friendly


A standard for protecting natural beauty

Our ultra self-matting flooring resin sets the standard for natural look floors with the lowest gloss achievable and the ultimate coating protection. It helps deliver the outstanding ultra-matt aesthetics and high performance that people demand, while making the production process more efficient.  

Healthier and more sustainable

Good flooring isn’t just about the flooring itself… Our self-matting resin is environmentally friendly, low in VOCs and odor, making it a healthier and more sustainable alternative – all without compromising on performance, of course. In this way, you can keep your flooring looking great, and the people around you healthy.

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Decovery® SP-2022 XP

  • DSM-Decovery-SP-2022_icon_Ultra-matte-appearance_WHITE

    Ultra-matte appearance

  • DSM-Decovery-SP-2022_icon_Excellent-stain-&-scratch-resistance_WHITE

    Excellent stain & scratch resistance

  • DSM-Decovery-SP-2022_icon_30%-bio-based-content_WHITE

    30% Bio-based content

  • DSM-Decovery-SP-2022_icon_No-matting-agents-required_WHITE

    No matting agents required

  • DSM-Decovery-SP-2022_icon_Excellent-in-can-stability_WHITE

    Excellent in-can stability

  • DSM-Decovery-SP-2022_icon_Time-saving-in-operations_WHITE

    Time saving in operations


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  • Application to wood


    When you have chosen a beautiful wood flooring, you need to protect it without necessarily compromising on its natural beauty. Our self-matting resin can easily be used to coat and protect wooden floorings, is easy to formulate, and can be applied without any trouble. So, go natural and go comfortably with Decovery® SP-2022 XP.

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  • Seamless flooring coating


    When you prefer seamless flooring, you can also protect it with coatings containing our Decovery® SP-2022 XP resin. No joints, no seams, just natural resin floors with an ultra-matt and long-lasting finish that is very easy to clean. Coating will be highly resistant, no glossing and polishing over time which means that your floor will hold the same beautiful look over time. 


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