We believe in a Future of Community that will connect all people

We’re working day and night to bring the dream of a connected world to reality. We aspire to nothing less than connecting everyone in the world – everyone in this generation and for generations to come. 

We can do better

According to Microsoft, 162 million Americans lack broadband internet — nearly half the US population. With work, school, and more and more of our everyday lives moving online, that could cause serious problems for people who aren’t able to connect. 

The great broadband divide: 
Living without high-speed internet access



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A great commitment to improve the way people can connect.

Des Moines, Iowa plans to invest nearly $40 million in a partnership with Google Fiber, making it Iowa's first Google Fiber city.  


West Des Moines set to become Iowa’s first Google Fiber city



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Why we never stop thinking

Where does progress come from? Here at DSM, we believe it all starts with curiosity. Because asking questions drives innovation and exploration. That’s why we treasure curiosity and put it at the heart of our purpose-driven, science-based company. Who knows what doors it will open in the hyper-connected world community of the future?

Where good ideas come from -By Steven Johnson

Collaboration will help speed up innovation

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