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Sustainability as a differentiator

At DSM, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Why? Because there is very little point in succeeding commercially in a world that ultimately fails. 

For us, being sustainable means achieving three essential goals: 1) safeguarding healthy living, by reducing hazardous substances and VOCs; 2) combating climate change, by limiting energy use and carbon emissions; and 3) creating circular solutions, by using renewable raw materials, such as Decovery®, and designing for recyclability, in the case of Niaga®

We’re so passionate about the power of sustainability as a societal driver that we see it as a core differentiator. In fact, we’ve woven it into our commercial strategy, which is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals agreed at the 2015 Paris Agreement, chaired by the United Nations.

We take our responsibility seriously and work together with our customers and other players in the value chain to develop and implement solutions that benefit society. There’s a lot of work to do, and we can’t do it alone – so let’s do it together!

The wider DSM vision for sustainability

How do we define sustainability?

  • Healthy living

    Creating safer ingredients by finding ways to remove potentially hazardous substances like VOCs from our products.

  • Reducing the amount of energy and emissions used to create our products.

  • Using renewable materials such as plants in our products, but also tracking the environmental impact across a product’s entire lifecycle.

Making sustainability a reality

It’s easy to talk a good game on sustainability, but it’s far harder to actually make it a commercial reality. At DSM, sustainability is not a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have. In fact, it’s our business driver – so much so that we measure the effect that every one of our products has on people and the planet and benchmark this against conventional, less sustainable equivalents. We call them Brighter Living Solutions, and they currently account for 62% of our entire portfolio.

In addition, for many years, DSM has been listed at or near the top of the annual Dow Jones Sustainability Index, and we have now aligned specifically with five of the UN Sustainable Development Goals agreed by 190 countries in Paris, in 2015, into our strategy. 

In 2017, we ranked 2nd on Fortune’s “Change the World” list based on the social impact that’s woven into our core business strategy. Meanwhile, through the We Mean Business coalition, we are one of a group of global companies calling for a global carbon tax. 

It all links back to our one overriding purpose: making sustainability a commercial reality.

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