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Influencing standards for Chinese powder coatings

At DSM we're a leader in powder coating resins – and here in China we take that responsibility seriously. It's why we're deeply involved in discussions to shape not, one but two nation coating standards concerning sustainability and higher quality, and we are continuing to contribute to others.

The Green Coating Standard

"The Green Coating Standard is aimed primary at coating itself; the Al profile Standard is more for coating users and Al profile users. When it comes to creating a national standard regarding sustainability and quality, the wider industry notices it all starts with the raw material – and the resin, which is the backbone of the coating of course. In both cases we are helping them understand the sustainability benefits of powder coating resins, but also the performance benefits – because you cannot have one without the other."

Applying global R&D knowledge in China

"This is where the global R&D capability of DSM really benefits customers and end users along the value chain. Not only do we have technical experts here at our facility in Shanghai, but we also have colleagues in Europe with extensive experience, and leaders’ determination to support.

For example, HAA, low-bake powder resins are becoming commonplace in Europe, now we want to bring those benefits to the Chinese coating industry."

Supporting sustainable construction

"The other key issue is weatherability: with the sustainable construction industry growing in China, segments like ACE and aluminum building façade increasingly need more tough, durable coatings. Our powder coating resins are proven to deliver weatherability performance that compares with solvent borne and waterborne coatings – and we've been sharing this data with fellow members of the national standard bodies, who now place more importance on natural weatherability performance."

Bringing the industry together

"Only recently we facilitated several meetings that included our respected and powerful coating customers (both locally and globally), along with the largest end-users from China to understand current problems and exchange technical knowhow.

It was a special experience because only by working together can the whole value chain find the coating solutions that China needs to support its growth in the 21st century."

Johnson Zeng, New Business Development Manager, China

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