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DSM in Paint & Coatings

Shaping a Sustainable Coatings Future. Together.

At DSM we provide efficient, and sustainable coatings solutions.
DSM Coating Resins innovation activities are focusing on products & solutions that nourish, protect and improve performances.
That’s why we’re shifting away from traditional solvent-based coating technologies, and innovating in new technologies, such as waterborne, powder, plant-based and UV.
We continue to lead the global market today, thanks to our unrivalled reputation for quality, commitment, innovation and consistency.
DSM will grow the market for coatings with sustainable solutions that match our customers and end market needs. We collaborate closely with our partners, to develop solutions that meet and exceed today’s needs in terms of performance and regulation.
By combining high performance with responsibility, we offer the best possible solutions for people today – and for generations to come. 

People in car with blue automotive coating


Resins for autoparts, car refinishes and OEM coatings

Women uses white coated refrigerator

Consumer Goods

Resins for electrical & electronics, white goods and HVAC coatings

White primer coating for wood


Resins for deck and siding coatings, waterborne topcoats, trim enamels and primers

Architectural coatings on a construction site


Resins for architectural and coil coatings

Topcoat on a wooden floor


Resins for on-site parquet, concrete, on-site UV and maintenance coatings

Outdoor metal furniture coating


Resins for office furniture coatings and outdoor furniture coatings

Yellow coating on machines in the automotive

General Industry

Resins for general industry coatings

Yellow coatings for heavy machinery

Heavy Machinery

Resins for primers, top & clear coats and direct-to-metal coatings

People eating at an industrial wood coated table

Industrial Wood

Resins for 1, 2 pack or uv curable systems for industrial wood coatings

Couple dancing in a house


Resins for coatings on window frames, doors and claddings

Green coating on Tent

Leather & Textiles

Resins for domestic & industrial textiles and sport & leisure fabric coatings

Marine coating resins used at sea

Protective & Marine

Resins for protective coatings on bridges and ocean liners

Coating resins in chips packaging

Printing & Packaging

Resins for flexible packaging, effect coatings, printable coatings, digital printing, paper & board, heat seal, adhesives and more.

Tailored resins for wooden substrates


Tailored resins for coatings applied in decorative, flooring, furniture and joinery applications

Paper coating in milk cartons

Paper & Board

Versatile resins for paper and board packaging coatings that provide function and value

Metal coating in the automotive industry


Resins for metal industries, like Automotive, Heavy machinery, Marine, General industry, Can, Coil and Metal furniture

Plastic coating resins used in cars


Resins for plastics coatings

Textile coating resin on backpack

Leather & Textiles

Innovative and highly tailored resins for leather & textile applications

Concrete coating resins used at building site

Concrete & Asphalt

Resins that provide the functionality that make concrete and asphalt coatings work

Decovery® is our novel plant-based resin technology platform


Decovery® is our novel plant-based resin technology platform for long lasting paints that enables us to change our environment without impacting it and which is not harmful for our health. More>


Waterborne coating resin used on wood

Waterborne technologies

Our waterborne technologies are changing the world of coatings for our customers. Because we work closely with them and exchange information and knowledge, our research and development teams can devise solutions that really help. More>


Powder paints in different colors

Powder technologies

DSM has been a pioneer in powder coating technology since the 1960s. We continue to lead the market today and have an unrivalled reputation for quality, commitment and consistency. More>


UV coating resin used on wood

UV technologies

UV coating is one of the most sustainable, dynamic coating technologies on the market. Solvent-free and with heat-free curing, it has the lowest carbon footprint yet delivers superb, durable almost-immediate results on multiple substrates. More>


Solvent borne coating resins used in cars

Solventborne technologies

Solventborne technologies have always been used widely in the coatings and ink industry. Our coating and ink solutions have increased solids levels and reduce solvent volumes  without compromising on quality. More>



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Product finder