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DSM in Paint & Coatings

Resins for protective floor coatings

High quality floor coverings such as parquet, solid wood and linoleum all have surface coatings. The purpose of such coatings is to enhance the quality look of the floor and ensure the floor stays new looking even after many years of intense use. It is important that these coatings excel in providing resistance to scratching, stains from spills, marker pens and so on; a coating also makes the floor easy to clean. By formulating coatings on our highly specialized NeoCryl®, NeoPac™, NeoRad™ and NeoRez® resins coating manufacturers are able to develop lacquers which can be used on a wide variety of flooring in both domestic as well as professional situations. High performance waterborne resin options are available to further lower solvent emissions and ensure optimal indoor air quality.  
Topcoat on a wooden floor