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DSM in Paint & Coatings

Beautifying wood with resins for industrial wood coatings

Furniture is a personal statement, we spend a considerable amount of time selecting the right piece and we want it to look good for a long time.  To achieve that we continuously work with lacquer manufactures and the wood working industry to improve coating systems. Together we create smart new ways to beautify and protect interior wooden surfaces found in bathroom furniture and kitchen cabinets. 
DSM provides tailored resins for interior wood applications

We pay special attention to appearance and protection from everyday chemicals found round the home or office; our resins are tailored for interior wood coatings. Our aim is to support customers to develop coating formulations that perform better in the most challenging conditions. Our latest waterborne resins  applied as 1, 2 pack or UV curable systems provide more eco-friendly alternatives to traditional solvent-borne resins. This allows you to reduce the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and other harmful compounds in your coatings making a positive contribution to sustainability.

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