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DSM in Paint & Coatings

A new technology to create sustainable paints and inks

Sustainable biomass offers an alternative to fossil feedstock and has environmental benefits in reducing the ecological footprint. DSM is increasingly finding ways to employ biomass without impinging on the world's essential food supplies.

Over recent years, we have developed various routes to convert plant materials into high performance resins. Using a variety of renewable building blocks, we can tailor each solution to specific customer and market needs. For this, we use sugars, starches, natural oils and materials from trees and agricultural waste that do not compete with the food chain.

Bio-based paints already made with Decovery®

Wall paint with an air purification effect
By using the Decovery® resin technology platform DSM and paint manufacturer PPG developed a resin which met the specific needs that PPG had envisioned for Sigma Air Pure, a bio-based wall paint with an air purification effect. 
Read more on sustainability without concessions: the collaboration between PPG and DSM >

Eco-friendly sustainable coatings for wood
Italian paint manufacturer ICA Group worked with us to develop a new environmentally friendly paint called Iridea Bio. This renewable paint is perfect for industrial interior wood applications and takes ICA’s Iridea water-based paints to the next level of sustainability. Read how Iridea Bio paint made with Decovery® combines high-performance with sustainability in our case studies "A new standard in sustainable paint" and "A new horizon for sustainable coatings for interior wood".

Extremely durable environmentally friendly wall paint
Top Benelux’s leading DIY retailer Maxeda uses the inedible parts of the maize plant. This technology is low toxins and friendly for the environment. Also, thanks to the technologies developed at DSM, paints using Decovery® are high-quality and are highly durable.
Read more about the collaboration between Maxeda and DSM >

DSM's Decovery® resins for sustainable paints
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Case study: A new standard in sustainable paint

Case study: A new standard in sustainable paint

Case study: A new horizon for sustainable coatings for interior wood

Case study: A new horizon for sustainable coatings for interior wood