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DSM in Paint & Coatings

DSM's Uralac® Ultra. Powder coating solutions for heat-sensitive substrates

Uralac® Ultra is a breakthrough technology that enables first-time-right powder coating of heat-sensitive substrates such as MDF. This offers great new opportunities for furniture coaters, OEMs and designers in making a wide range of high-quality home and office furniture – including kitchen and bathroom cabinets, children’s play- and bedroom items and professional desks and accessories. 

Technology benefits

Powder has become the coating of choice in the metal industry due to its superior appearance, durability and sustainability. Uralac® Ultra technology now makes it possible to also apply high-quality, extremely protective powder finishes to heat-sensitive substrates in a wide range of gloss levels and colors. The Uralac® Ultra patented formulation – combined with a robust process system and great technical support – delivers all-in-one benefits at highly competitive cost. 

Markets served

Uralac® Ultra technology provides outstanding protection for furniture that gets heavy-duty use, such as kitchen and bathroom cabinets, office furniture and children’s furniture. Think, for example dishwasher panels that are constantly exposed to moisture or office furniture that need to be resistant to a great deal of daily wear and tear and still look great. Read more about the different markets that can benefit from this breakthrough product.