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DSM in Paint & Coatings

Effect Coatings

In general the use of haptic effect is catching more and more attention in packaging design. Especially a soft feel effect, giving a product a matt appearance and velvet like feeling is being seen as a trend for more exclusive packaging. This trend generates a lot of interest in our soft feel resins that we offer as DSM. 
Soft feel resins from DSM

Not only do our soft feel resins offer a good velvet feel with only a few microns thickness layer, but they also bring color enhancement offering much brighter colors when used as an overprint varnish. In addition to this our soft feel resins are especially suitable to be applied by the common printing processes. We have a dedicated Printing & Packaging team that focuses on innovations in the field of effect coatings.

In our current portfolio we offer different grades. Have a look and find out which grade suits your needs the best.


Product name Description
NeoRad™ R-1500 - Vel-Veeto Skins® Energy curable version of the soft feel effect resin to enhance resistance properties.
NeoRez® R-1030 - Rubbert Skins® Excellent rubber feel effect resin with matt appearance; especially for application on film substrates - since it does not influence properties of the backside of the film on winding.
NeoRez® R-1020 - Vel-Veeto Skins® This NMP free velvet feel resin offers the same properties as NeoRez® R-1010 but is being produced according to GMP (good manufacturing practice). 
NeoRez® R-1010 - Vel-Veeto Skins®

Excellent soft feel effect resin with matt appearance, used for OPV and film applications.

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