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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

Formulation & Applications

The path to successful ingredient delivery

At DSM Personal Care, our highly skilled Formulation & Applications team is dedicated to partnering our customers every step of the way towards a successful product launch, in a spirit of creativeness based on solid, consistent and reliable technical competence.
Formulation & Applications

Bringing ingredients to market

We see it as our role to forge the connection between R&D and the customer, starting with the evaluation of promising ingredients, and taking projects right through to delivery of those ingredients at a production scale in  market relevant formulations.

With access to DSM’s broad range of competences in Life Sciences and Materials Sciences, and our own specialist laboratories for in-vitro UV testing, skin biology research and hair testing, we have the scientific and technological competence to provide supporting analyses and data for all areas of relevance to our industry, with a special focus on claim substantiation and regulatory requirements.


The complete package

For example, when new legislation was introduced in Latin America requiring higher levels of certain UV filters we called on our sun care scientists, who are masters in the art of selecting and combining UV filters in the most effective formulation, to deliver the required protection. Our dedicated sensory panel then tested the new formulations and found the right sensory modifiers to optimize consumer acceptability of the adjusted formulations.

Close cooperation between our application laboratories in Switzerland and our regional technical center enabled us to respond quickly, and our local team was on hand to offer comprehensive support throughout the development process, leading to a complete package of formulations, UV filters and emulsifiers.

Demonstrating formulation compatibility

In another instance, a relationship built on trust enabled us to add value to a customer’s hairspray. Using tests developed specifically for the purpose we demonstrated that our own TILAMAR® Fix A140 polymer could be added to their existing formulation, delivering superior performance for the same cost.

But it is rare to find such a perfect fit, so we develop a wide range of product formulations suitable for integration into our customers’ cosmetic formulations, whether to add value to existing products or to create entirely new lines from scratch.

Our expertise at your service

The expertise we bring to our customers’ projects derives from years of experience and includes:

  • (Hydro-)Colloid chemistry of cosmetic emulsions, polymers and surfactant systems and their application properties.
  • In-depth knowledge of industry-relevant formulation principles, stability testing regimes and related predictive challenge tests.
  • Expertise in principal requirements of skin, sun and hair products, plus our own testing methods to rate these features in terms of compatibility and performance analysis. We also design test methods based on specific customer requirements for definition of application fit and market-readiness of cosmetic ingredients.
  • A sound scientific knowledge of skin biology, skin functionality and general beauty-relevant aspects of skin, as well as the biology and morphology of hair and the specific capacity to develop formulations suitable for human application testing and cosmetic claim substantiation.

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