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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

High-performance polymers customized for hair care

Our Hair Care teams can call on DSM’s 50-plus years of expertise in polymer technologies and are dedicated to designing tailored, high quality hair products that deliver outstanding hair care and styling benefits to help our customers stand out in their markets.
High-performance polymers customized for hair care

In this dynamic, trend-driven segment of our industry, flexibility and diversification are key to staying ahead of developments. This is exactly what we offer our customers with TILAMAR® – strong, versatile styling ingredients for novel hairstyling applications and powerful, dependable conditioning ingredients that protect stressed or damaged hair.

Beyond this, at DSM we can call on our sun care and skin care expertise to provide the multifunctionality that consumers increasingly look for, incorporating UV protection and scalp care into formulations designed according to our customers’ wishes.

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