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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

Revealing the power of beautiful skin

With 40 years of experience in skin care, DSM has developed a broad portfolio of claim substantiated skin actives – including our pioneering SYN®-Peptides, the unique, certified organic ALPAFLOR® line of alpine plant extracts with scientifically proven cosmetic efficacy, and vitamins from DSM’s comprehensive portfolio optimized for cosmetic applications, to name just a few.
Revealing the power of beautiful skin

Our expertise in skin biology enables us to take scientific findings on the gene and molecular levels and translate them into tangible consumer benefits in many areas of skin care, including sensitive skin, pore refinement, anti-aging and improvement of skin barrier function. Recent research has focused on providing tailored products for different ethnicities and specific care for different areas of the face based on extensive mapping of the faces of Chinese, Caucasian, Indian and Black African subjects.

As well as offering high-performing actives we create holistic concepts designed to inspire our customers. For example, the CORNEOCARE™ total skin beauty concept combines a range of ingredients, including lipids and microalgae, to maintain a healthy, well functioning epidermis – vital if skin is to look beautiful for longer.

Moreover, we focus on skin sensation as well as appearance, and can call on our panel of dedicated sensory experts to verify sensory claims for formulations.

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