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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

Creating Sun Care products that people will love

At DSM we take a holistic approach to Sun Care. Starting with our well-established PARSOL® portfolio of high performing UV-A and UV-B filters we select and blend filters to meet regulatory and consumer requirements that may differ widely from one part of the world to another.
Creating Sun Care products that people will love

Then we go the extra mile, constantly refining our formulations for improved consumer acceptability, in particular by adding sensory modifiers to improve their feel on the skin. This significantly increases people’s willingness to apply sunscreens in sufficient quantity for proper protection. It also enables us to formulate sun care for incorporation into novel applications. These could be multifunctional skin care products that protect skin against UV-related premature aging, or products for targeted protection of areas like the vulnerable scalp, for instance.

Conversely, we leverage our unique skin competencies to provide actives and vitamins that enhance sun protection. Our AMPHISOL® emulsifier completes the package for ultimate UV protection.

Importantly, this holistic approach extends to our customer services as well: in fact we are best in class for service, quality and reliability, offering full claim substantiation and working closely with our customers to maximize the protection offered by sun care products.

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