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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

Our Consumer Research

Our mission at DSM Personal Care is to reveal the Power of Beauty. This immediately raises the question: what is beauty?
Our Consumer Research

To answer this question in a meaningful way we need to ask the people whose beauty we wish to empower. Our consumer research team will never be satisfied with superficial ways of looking at such complex questions, so has built a clear strategy geared towards discovering not only the “what”, but also the “why”...

We know that all over the world, people’s beauty needs, behaviors and aspirations are diverse and shifting: they change across cultures and over the lifetime of the individual. So we are connecting with people to explore their concerns and beliefs in depth, whether we speak to them online, like we did in the Power of Beauty online forum or have to travel across the globe, as we did on a journey to China, for instance, to find out the answers to these important questions.