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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

Market trends

Leading the way to beauty

Anticipating trends is important because exciting new beauty and personal care products are not created overnight. Studying new trends and what drives them can give us important and timely indications of what people might require from their beauty and care products in the near and longer-term future.

In line with our mission to support our customers with all aspects of product creation from idea to launch, we are engaging with external partners to explore in depth where market trends are likely to lead our industry next.

Market trends

Revealing the Power of Beauty through trend recognition

Trends come in a variety of models, from demographic trends with a duration of around 20 years to fads and fashions with a life expectancy of about two years. The trend levels that are of greatest interest to our customers and therefore to us are the ones in between: Socio-Cultural trends (10–15 years) and more especially Lifestyle trends (2–5 years). Lifestyle trends are often the visible expression of deeper socio-cultural changes.

What is influencing our market now?

Examples of trends that are currently strongly influencing the beauty and personal care market include:


A dynamic lifestyle trend that links two socio-cultural trends: “Status” and “New Society Structures”, reflecting the quest for social recognition and interaction through new forms of communication. Full of energy and passion, the mood of this trend is urban, dynamic, colorful, bright, loud, and eclectic.

This group likes to experiment with products and is stimulated by colors and consistencies. Their skin is the canvas on which they reveal their personality: they want it to be ever radiant, with signs of aging kept at bay for as long as possible – concepts like DSM’s multi-benefit 24-Hour Skin Glow with instantly visible and long-lasting effects are perfect for this group.

Hairstyles in this group are chosen for maximum impact: but adventurous coloring and styling can lead to multi-stressed hair – for which we offer color protection and repair formulations.


Linked to the socio-cultural trends “Individuality” and “Life Design”, this trend emphasizes individuality. In these times of almost permanent visibility, this group is taking back the right to decide who sees “the real me”. For them the skin is like the facade of a building, the interface between the inner and the outer person.

To fulfill this function the skin needs deep care and support – a need to which we cater with our CorneocareTM innovation platform, for example. Hairstyles, too, tend to be constructions that need strength and reinforcement – as offered by our Tilamar® range of formulations.


Linked to the socio-cultural trends “Pragmatism” and “Authenticity”, this trend is about being true to oneself and has a pragmatic edge: “If it makes sense and adds value, keep it. If not, get rid of it.”

This group is looking for a natural, authentic beauty, which involves nourishing and protecting for a healthy but unpretentious look. Some imperfections are acceptable. Natural products with a just a few, high-quality ingredients appeal to this group – products like our eco-certified Alpaflor® and Regu®-Scence lines.

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