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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

The Beauty Connection

A proprietary tool specially created by DSM in collaboration with an external provider, the Beauty Connection reveals voices of beauty around the world.

Our custom-built, private online community brings together an international array of beauty bloggers, experts and professionals hand-picked for their talent as trend watchers, collaborators and representatives of beauty in eight different markets. Listening to these voices provides up-to-the-minute insights so we can continue to deliver on-trend solutions that meet the needs of people all over the globe.

The world is constantly changing and there are many macro trends that influence the Personal Care industry. We also see that there are key ‘themes’ that shift consumer behaviour and market dynamics, and we need to understand the framework of these to react quickly and ahead of the curve. We identified for 2015/2016/2017 key themes that we wanted to explore in more depth and utilize this perfect community of influencers to help us understand, decipher and activate new solutions based on these.

Double Duty - too good to be true?


Introducing the next hot thing in skin care. More>

Detox your hair: Reset, revitalize, replenish


The new Hair Detox concept that resonates emotionally with consumers and creates opportunities for hair care brands. More>

Hydration: A rich space for innovation


Holistic hydration is a two-way process with multiple benefits. More>

Taking action on pollution


Active is good, pro-active is better. More>

Ethnic diversity


The world is changing, and so is your consumer. More>

Male grooming


The growth of male grooming. More>



The shift towards a “less is more” philosophy. More>



A one size fits all approach no longer works . More>



The rise of natural beauty. More>