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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

Racing to prevent skin cancer

Lifestyle changes lead to increased recreational exposure to the sun. While people do not adequately protect themselves from the sun, the risk of sun-related skin damage is increasing. As infrequent sunscreen users, men are even at a higher risk of developing various forms of skin cancer; only 14% use sun protection daily, compared with 30% of women.

For the sun care industry, a major challenge has been creating protective sun care solutions that are not only safe and effective, but that people actually want to use. “Many people find traditional sunscreens greasy and uncomfortable,” explains Juergen Vollhardt, Head of Science & Promotion Photoprotection at PCA. “Those who use them only apply around a fifth of the recommended amount on average, which reduces their effectiveness.”

Awareness is a key battleground
To further advance the fight against skin cancer, DSM Personal Care & Aroma has been helping to raise awareness of the importance of sun protection, particularly among traditionally resistant groups such as men. As part of a wider awareness DSM Personal Care & Aroma has been working with the professional cycling team, Team Sunweb, to showcase a powerful example of men building sun protection into their daily safety routine without compromising on the activities that they are passionate about.

Over a series of race days, the riders tested DSM’s Millennials SPF 30 light texture lotion, often for hours at a time. “Our goal was to show that suncare products can be comfortable and quick and easy to apply,” says Christophe Vilain, Sun Care Application and Customer Support at PCA. “But we also wanted to demonstrate the resilience of our solution: they hold up in tough, competitive environments. The Team Sunweb project certainly did that.”

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Racing to prevent cancer