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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

What we do

What we do

We leverage our Bright Science and transformational ingredients, our exceptional understanding of people’s beauty aspirations and our imaginative concepts in Skin, Hair and Sun Care to put our customers ahead of the game by:

  • Creating novel ingredients and delivery forms through our dual innovation strategy
  • Developing comprehensive packages of ingredients, formulations and concepts to inspire customers and provide the solutions they are looking for
  • Delivering solutions quickly and efficiently directly or via our global distribution network and supply chain, and responding agilely and flexibly to the needs of our customers wherever they are
  • Increasing the sustainability of our operations
  • Expanding our portfolios of outstanding natural bioactives, peptides, vitamins, polymers and UV filters with the aid of DSM’s Bright Science
  • Exploiting our unparalleled expertise in vitamins to maximize the cosmetic efficacy and sustainability of these “secret heroes” of personal care
  • Exploring new ways to cross-fertilize and add value to our Skin, Hair and Sun Care ranges, in order to reveal the power of beauty and make life brighter for all.

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