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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

Who we are

As a global company active in Skin Care, Hair CareSun Care and Aroma Ingredients, we currently occupy leading market positions in UV filters and vitamins and an important global position in skin care, with a broad portfolio of actives and over 60 products. While our skin care business is still our core growth engine, we have ambitious plans for growth across all sectors – skin, sun care and the hair care segment which we entered more recently.

DSM Personal Care group photo

In a fast-moving market we take particular pride in our ability to respond with agility and flexibility to the ever-changing needs of our customers. Indeed, by closely following market developments and listening to consumers on various platforms, we can sometimes even anticipate those needs.

Above all, DSM’s Personal Care team remains passionate about revealing the beauty in each of us. Motivated by this passion our ambition is to be the partner of choice for our customers and generate sustainable benefits for all stakeholders.

DSM Personal Care in the regions

At DSM we manufacture globally relevant ingredients which we can deliver quickly and efficiently, anywhere in the world, directly or through our worldwide distribution network and supply chain.

Beyond this, we have built strong regional organizational structures in Latin America, North America, Europe & the Middle East and in Asia. Our local market experts keep us in tune with personal care developments in their part of the world.

Find out what they have to tell us about how they see beauty now and in the future.


What is beauty in Latin America?

Beauty in Latin America is created through a variety of cultures, but where historical background, passion and soul connects everyone.


What is beauty in North America?

Beauty is being redefined in North America where ethnicities are changing and the industry is reacting to this.


What is beauty in Europe, Middle East, Africa?

Europeans share a passion for beauty which is deeply entrenched in history, but where innovative products shine through.


What is beauty in Asia?

Beauty in Asia is all about diversity. Made up of many different countries, cultures and consumer needs.