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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

Our Featured Color Cosmetics Formulations

Anti-pollution BB cushion


DSM’s new anti-pollution BB cushion offers lightweight 4-way protection, with PEPHA®-TIGHT for increased skin viability in the presence of urban dust, PENTAVITIN® to preserve the skin’s natural moisture factor, PARSOL® UV filters for SPF 30 sun protection and VALVANCETM Touch 210 for oil control.

UV Flash Tone Fluid: Velvet feel and glass skin


High performing product, which combines sensation, care and protection featuring
VALVANCE™ Touch 210,
VALVANCE™ Look 100, 
TILAMAR® Fix A1000, PEPHA®-AGE, PENTAVITIN® and a selection of PARSOL® UV FILTERS. Download>

Our Color Cosmetics Formulations

New! Lustrous clump-free mascara

Lustrous clump-free mascara - Formulation

Clump-free mascara with optimal pigment coverage to reveal dramatically long lashes. Download>

New! Perfecting Compact Powder

Facial Velour Cream SPF 15 - Formulation

This compact powder formulation features VALVANCE™ Touch 250 for enhanced coverage and evenness. Download>

Plush Blush

Facial Velour Cream SPF 15 - Formulation

Loose blush formulation featuring VALVANCE™ Touch 250 for even color application and soft powdery finish. Download>

Glossy Glide Lipstick

Facial Velour Cream SPF 15 - Formulation

Lipstick formulation with VALVANCE™ Touch 250 for smooth glide and instant gloss leaving vibrant color and soft pliable lips. Download>

Glossy Glide Lipstick Benchmark

Facial Velour Cream SPF 15 - Formulation

Benchmark formulation for Glossy Glide Lipstick. Download>