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DSM in Personal Care

Innovative hair styling formulations that catch the mood of the moment

Men and women express their individuality through their hairstyle, and want their styling products to reflect that individuality. For formulators a major challenge is therefore to maintain styling performance while offering consumers the diversity and novelty they seek.

At DSM our competence in hair styling formulation has enabled us to develop an impressive portfolio of styling applications featuring TILAMAR® Fix A140, an adaptable single polymer that can be incorporated into products ranging from established forms like hairsprays, pump sprays and mousses to innovative waxes and creams.


Our most versatile hairstyling polymer yet

TILAMAR® Fix A140 offers fast drying without stickiness and delivers high performance in the presence of water, thus making it ideal for pump spray applications – especially useful where VOCs are strictly regulated. It provides ultimate bending stiffness, outperforming market benchmarks and offering up to 41% higher breaking work for hold and 46% higher repeated breaking work linked to elasticity.

Moreover, thanks to an innovative manufacturing process that incorporates a closed production system, high-tech packaging with zoning, laminar flow facility and HACCP we can now offer a new version of TILAMAR® Fix A140 that is preservative-free.

Hold properties can easily be modified by adjusting the percentage of TILAMAR® Fix A140.

For a clear formulation within seconds, we recommend mixing ethanol with the calculated amount of neutralizer and adding TILAMAR® Fix A140 afterwards.

TILAMAR® Fix A140 can be used in formulations with and without alcohol, and combined with a wide variety of ingredients to offer added benefits.

What’s your hair mood today?

Here are just some of the ways we’ve found to exploit the versatility of TILAMAR® Fix A140:

  • We combined it with TILAMAR® Quat 2240 for added deep conditioning with a weightless feel in clear shampoos, for example in our prototype curl sealing mousse for waves or our natural feel volumizer for a natural look.
  • We incorporated DSM’s sun protection filter PARSOL® MCX to add value to styling applications like our prototype 55% VOC working spray for all-day control, root lifting hairspray for greater root volume, or finishing aerosol hairspray for an ultra-strong hold.
  • We combined it with TILAMAR® OP 40 to bring a milky white appearance to our nourishing styling milk and deliver styling with care. This is a sprayable formulation with a low ethanol content.
  • For straight hair, we formulated a soft touch straightener with an opalescent appearance. This is an alcohol-free formulation.
  • We added luxurious ARGAN OIL for a crystal clear styling wax that provides that extra shine. A high level of solubilizers gives it its crystal-clear appearance. Also available alcohol-free.
  • For a lightweight styling crème that provides invisible style we added time-tested Phytantriol for root-to-tip protection and our own certified-organic ALPAFLOR® EDELWEISS B for anti-oxidant protection. Another crystal-clear product that is alcohol-free.
  • For an ultra-strong, fast-drying effect, we formulated a finishing hairspray aerosol containing DME as a propellant.

Using our formulation toolkit “What’s Your Hair Mood Today” customers can explore for themselves the huge range of potential formulations that can be achieved with TILAMAR® Fix A140.