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DSM in Personal Care

Building on our strong expertise, DSM formulators have created desirable hair care formulations that can be used in a variety of market application to create market leading products.
Our hair care formulations are backed by DSM’s decades of expertise and therefore include polymers alongside UV filtersskin bioactives and vitamins. Their strength: Ingredients can be combined to create hybrid formulations that style, protect and provide care, so consumers get a product that fits in with their individual lifestyle and need.

Taking the stress out of hair care

ALP’DRY Shampoo


We cannot add hours to the day, but we can help to save some time with our alp' dry shampoo. This efficient haircare formulation makes hair look fresh and clean between washes. Download>

Messy Matt Gum


This Messy Matt Gum haircare formulation helps getting the on-trend messy “out of bed” style. It’s ideal for scrunching and texturizing your hair to create a definition with a soft and matte finish. Download>

Texturizing Beach Spray


We can’t extend your holidays, but we can help you look like you were on holiday. Dare to go for a natural, wavy beach look with the Texturizing Beach Spray haircare formulation. Download>

Our Hair Shampoo Formulations

ColorLock Shampoo


This shampoo haircare formulation is designed to give hair a fresh, vibrant color and a brilliant shine. Download>

Extreme Shine Sulfate-Free Shampoo


This sulfate-free shampoo haircare formulation is ideal for colored hair. Download>

Intensive Hydrating 2in1 Shampoo


Haircare formulation to protect UV-damaged hair with TILAMAR® Quat 2240 and TILAMAR® OP 40. Download>

Rejuvenate Shampoo


Haircare formulation for smooth feel and ageless look with a combination of TILAMAR® polymers and skin actives. Download>

Rescue Calm Shampoo


Haircare formulation for dry & itchy scalp with PENTAVTIN® and TILAMAR® Quat 2240. Download>

Mix & Match Shampoo


This Mix & Match Shampoo haircare formulation features TILAMAR® Quat 711, TILAMAR® Quat 2241 and provide a better combability on dry hair and a strong detangling of wet hair. Download>

Moisture Boost


Mix this haircare formulation moisture shot fortified by PENTAVITIN® with the Mix & Match shampoo. Download>

Protection Boost


Mix this haircare formulation protection shot fortified by ALPAFLOR® EDELWEISS with the Mix and Match shampoo. Download>

Smoothness Boost


Mix this haircare formulation smoothness shot fortified by SERICIN with the Mix and Match shampoo. Download>

Strength Boost


Mix this haircare formulation strength shot fortified by D-PANTHENOL with the Mix and Match shampoo. Download>

Our Hair Conditioner Formulations

ColorLock Conditioner


Creamy rinse-off haircare formulation conditioner for true color brilliance with soft feel. Download>

Reset the Time Therapy Conditioner


Haircare formulation for deeply strengthened and thick hair. Download>

Co-Wash Conditioner


This co-wash conditioner haircare formulation is designed to cleanse, condition, detangle, soften, protect and hydrate from root to tip. Enriched with ingredients such as TILAMAR® Quat 641, PENTAVITIN® and Phytantriol. Download>

Cold Conditioner for Colored Hair


This cold conditioner for colored hair, is designed with cooling properties and ingredients like PARSOL® SLX, TILAMAR® Quat 710, TILAMAR® Quat 641, Phytantriol and STIMU-TEX® AS. This haircare formulation protects your color treated hair and maintain vibrant shine. Dare to experience a fresh routine to dye for! Download>

Our Leave-In Treatment Formulations

Curl Defining Cream


Conditions, protects and styles for a natural look that keeps curls moving. Haircare formulation infused with care ingredients including: PHYTANTRIOL , D-Panthenol, PARSOL® SLX , ARGAN OIL and PHYTALURONATE® PF. Download>

Color Strengthening Leave-In Spray


Leave in spray haircare formulation for colored and fragile hair with PARSOL® SLX and BeauPlex® VH. Download>

Fortify Throughout the Day Leave-In Spray


Clear leave-in spray haircare formulation for healthy hair and ultimate glow with TILAMAR® Quat 640, ARGAN OIL, ALPAFLOR® EDELWEISS. Download>

Smoothing Leave-in Conditioner


Haircare formulation for frizzy and unruly hair with TILAMAR® Quat 640. Download>

Smooth & Shine Instant Detangler


Haircare formulation for frizzy and unruly hair featuring TILAMAR® Quat 640 and ARGAN OIL. Download>

Our Pump Spray Formulations

Pump Shine & Hold Hair Spray


This hair spray haircare formulation provides natural feel thanks to TILAMAR® Fix A1000 and ARGAN OIL. Download>

Our Aerosol Spray Formulations

Chic Shine Hairspray


This hairspray haircare formulation is designed to provide luxurious gloss and addictive shine. Download>

Shine & Hold Hairspray


Haircare formulation containing DSM’s TILAMAR® Fix A1000 polymer for extra strong hold and a natural feel, Argan Oil for a shine boost, and highly soluble PARSOL® MCX for efficient UV-B protection, this spray formulation offers the multifunctionality consumers expect, in one convenient product. Download>

Our Hair Mousse Formulations

Cushion Curl Mousse


Proving that curls can be soft! This haircare formulation defines and maintains curl, even in humid conditions, while its cushiony texture makes it pleasant to apply. Featuring TILAMAR® Quat 2241; Vitamins and the UV filter PARSOL® MCX. Download>

Ringing Gel Glossy Pomade


This glossy pomade gel haircare formulation with TILAMAR® Fix A1000 helps style hair with ease and fun. Download>

Crystal Clear Styling Way+


A hard wax haircare formulation for incredible shine and slick look. Creates ultimate definition without drying hair out. Download>