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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

Explore market leading facial skincare formulations from DSM Personal Care that help you to create market leading products. Building on our strong expertise, DSM formulators have created desirable facial skincare formulations that can be used in a variety of market applications.

Our Skin Microbiome Formulations

Our Microbiome Care for Normal Skin


Our whipped cream skin care formulation with OXY 229 PF nourishes your skin while leaving a silky, fresh after-feel. Download>

Our Microbiome Care for Dry Skin


Our beauty cream skin care formulations with SYN-UP® is an easy to spread glow emulsion which will bring power to your skin to fight back dryness. Download>

Our Microbiome Care for Oily Skin


The optimizing toner skin care formulation with ALPAFLOR® ALP®-SEBUM aims to control excess oil, which leave skin feeling fresh and revived. Download>

Our Mist Formulations

Hydro Blue Mist & Boost


The Hydro Blue Mist & Boost provides long-lasting hydration thanks to PENTAVITIN®, protection against the effects of UV and blue light, with PEPHA®-AGE, and antipollution thanks to Niacinamide PC. Download>

Our Day Cream Formulations



This Smoothie facial cream skin care formulation includes the moisture magnet power of PENTAVITIN® providing true skin hydration and restoring the skin’s natural glow. Download>

Bounce Back Skin Recovery Serum


This serum skin care formulation featuring BEL-EVEN® helps to rebalance skin from the visible effects of daily stress. Its “memory form” texture instantly engages the senses by quickly recovering when pressed, for a true “anti-stress” effect. Download>

72 hours Deep Hydration Cream


This moisturizing skin care formulation features PENTAVITIN®, a skin-identical carbohydrate complex to provide up to 72 hours deep skin hydration. Download>

Auto Bronzing Gel


This clear gel skin care formulation with ERYTHRULOSE gives a deep, natural and long-lasting tan and a soft skin feeling. Download>

Cell Rejuvenating Intense Care Cream


This rich skin care formulation O/W cream with SPF 20 formulated for consumers 40+ who want to delay visible aging by triggering skin’s innate strength. Download>

Energy-Boosting Cream-Gel


This cream-gel skin care formulation is designed to intensely and durably refresh face all day long. It’s perfect to use every morning and leaves tired and dull skin looking fresh and glowing. Download>

Essential Beauty Barrier Cream


This nourishing cream skin care formulation is in line with widely accepted natural standards. It supports the skin’s crucial protective barrier and enhances its resistance to external stress. Download>

Improved Acne Appearance Cream


This moisturizing day cream skin care formulation with STAY-C® 50 clears and prevents blemishes of acne-prone skin. Efficacy clinically tested. Download>

Protecting Mattifying Cream


This natural, light and preservative free cream skin care formulation with ALPAFLOR® ALP®-SEBUM, which has sebum reducing properties. Download>

Reversible Signs of Photo-Ageing Cream


This age-defying day care skin care formulation formulation has been especially developed for Chinese skin. It features SYN®-COLL peptide for its visible and fast anti-aging efficacy on diverse ethnicities. Download>

Skin Care for Men Soothing Cream


This skin care formulation contains STIMU-TEX® AS to support the regeneration of the epidermal  barrier and PENTAVITIN® to deeply moisturize the skin. Download>

Skin Lightening Cream


This cream skin care formulation infused with vitamins reduces the appearance of age spots and helps even out skin tone. Download>

Soothing Moisturizing Cream


Tender care skin care formulation for dry and sensitive skin with essential fatty acids to replenish and soothe slightly irritated skin. Download>

Tan Beautifying Soft Cream


This fresh cream-gel skin care formulation is with a patented combination of ERYTHRULOSE and DHA. It provides a delicate and silky sensation during the application and a long-lasting, homogeneous, and natural skin tone. Download>

Wrinkle Rebel Cream


This light cream skin care formulation is ideal for men skin. It provides immediate skin tightening effect and a long-term firming effect. Download>

Youth Preserving Care Cream-Gel


Light, slightly perfumed cream-gel skin care formulation for young people 25+ who want to take early control of the aging process. Download>

Intense Natural Rejuvenating Complex


This natural cream skin care formulation helps protect skin against external stress factors. Formulated according to global standards for natural cosmetics with Ecocert-approved REGU®-SCENCE, organic-certified DSM ARGAN OIL and ALPAFLOR® EDELWEISS. Download>

Skin Sublimating Cocoon


This skin care formulation with unique quality of DSM SERICIN and ALPAFLOR® SCUTELLARIA AO allows your skin to experience a new sense of ultra-comfort. Download>

Perfect Bright & Even Cream


This skin care formulation combines a power of DSM PARSOL® UV Filters, ALPHA-ARBUTIN and VALVANCE® Touch 210 for a bright and even skin look. Download>

Large Pores & Age Spots Corrector


Containing BEAUACTIVE® and VALVANCE® Touch 210 this skin care formulation is to minimize the appearance of large pores, reduce the appearance of darkness of age spots and improve skin texture for a brighter, super-smooth complexion. Download>

Transforming Power Cream


Enriched power cream skin care formulation featuring BEAUACTIVE® that transforms quickly into a fresh and melting texture bringing a new sensory experience and a high level of skin comfort. Download>

NEW! Illuminating Face Cream


This illuminating face cream skin care formulation, with an expected SPF15, provides a luminous looking skin with a beautiful even tone thanks to the natural brightener ALPAFOR® GIGAWHITE. Download>

Blue light INDOOR Protection


Indoor blue defense skin care formulation combining UV-filters, vitamins and marine bio-active for total protection against blue light damage. Download>

Relaxing Oasis Cream


A natural formula to relax from urban stress providing an incomparable skin comfort. Featuring VALVANCE® Touch 210, Argan Oil and ALPAFLOR® SCUTELLARIA AO. Download>

Our Night Cream Formulations

Be Rich! Night Cream


This rich protective night cream skin care formulation is designed to relief dryness and give a comfortable skin feel. Download>

Toal Collagen Intense Care Night Cream


The Total Collagen Intense Care skin care formulation is a rich, but still fast absorbing night cream. You can immediately feel, what SYN-TC® promises in 28 days: beautiful smooth skin! Download>

Advanced Pampering Overnight Cream


This night cream skin care formulation features SYN-UP®. Gives skin the power to fight dryness. Improves skin’s resilience and protects it against external stress. Download>

NEW! Beauty Sleep Cream


This skin care formulation supercharged with SYN®-HYCAN and BEAUACTIVE® the Beauty Sleep Cream nourishes the skin while you sleep to improves skin firmness, reshapes facial contours and prevents sagging. Download>

Our Serum Formulations

Facial Energizing Ampoule


This viscous serum skin care formulation is formulated with PEPHA®-CTIVE which protects the mitochondria and supplies the skin with new energy. Download>

Intense Elasticity Retaining Serum


This serum skin care formulation features carefully purified plant based anti-ageing complex with ELHIBIN® PF for young-looking skin. Download>

Plump Up the Volume Anti-Ageing Serum


This anti-ageing serum skin care formulation with SYN®-HYCAN helps fight skin sagging for a visibly firmer, younger-looking skin. Download>

Powerful Youth Sublimating Serum


This smooth peptide-based serum skin care formulation with SYN®-AKE, which is highly effective to reduce expression lines by relaxing muscle contraction, without hindering natural beauty. Download>

Total Collagen Rejuvenating Serum


This slightly opaque serum skin care formulation is easy to spread and refreshes the skin during application. It instantly refines skin's texture and results in a light and silky smooth feeling. Download>

Advanced Protection Oil Elixir


Premium oily serum skin care formulation to truly protect and enhance skin complexion. Your skin looks luminous with this slightly shimmering light serum with Omega-6 from DSM life’sGLA™ ‘10’ n-6 Oil and Q10 from LIPOGARD. Download>

Our Eye Care Formulations

Eyes Like Steel Gel


This exceptional gel skin care formulation with SYN®-HYCAN and ALPAFLOR® SAMBUCCUS AO was especially developed to pamper the delicate eye zone. Download>

Tightening Eye Gel


This fresh eye gel skin care formulation contains REGU®-AGE PF to battle dark circles and eye puffiness by improving microcirculation and reducing the effects of free radicals. Download>

Advanced Eye Perfection Cream


This skin care formulation developed cream with SYN-EYE® helps you to experience a new level of eye care perfection. It helps to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles in only 7 days and an improved skin texture. Download>

Our Daily Essence and Lotion Formulations

Intense Recovery Barrier


This Barrier Fluid skin care formulation with ALPAFLOR® EDELWEISS and ALPAFLOR® LINUM AO helps to strengthen the skin’s natural hydrolipidic barrier for replenished, healthy-looking skin. Download>

Intensive Skin Tone


This light emulsion skin care formulation is specifically developed for Asian skin with 1% REGU®-FADE to provide a bright and even skin tone. Download>

Moisture Booster Fluid


This premium fluid skin care formulation with HYALURONIC ACID-BT and SYN®-HYCAN  is designed to give an immediate moisture revival. Download>

Sleeping Pack Cream-Gel


This light gel cream skin care formulation with a velvet touch provides deep hydration and firmness to the skin. Download>

Sublime Glow Daily Essence


This daily essence skin care formulation provides the skin with a daily dose of energy boost and is a part of the DSM Skin Glow Day & Night Program. Download>

Decolletage Tightening Gel


This smoothing gel skin care formulation is with PEPHA®-TIGHT, which has excellent tightening properties. Download>

Skin Whitening Lotion


This O/W skin care formulation combines skin whitening actives with UVA and UVB filters for the best whitening qualities. Download>

Our BB and CC Cream Formulations

Mineral fusion CC cream SPF 30*


This sun care formulation is a product for people who want UV mineral based formulation but with some light make-up effect to look at their best. Download>

* expected

Mineral fusion BB cream SPF 30*


This sun care formulation is a product for people who want UV mineral based formulation but with some light make-up effect and strong coverage to look at their best. Download>

* expected

Ultimate Skin Barrier CC Cream


This CC cream skin care formulation with SPF 30 strengthens skin's barrier to make it more resistant against ageing. Download>

CC Cream for Asian skin with SPF 30


A multifunctional skin care formulation for a moisturized, radiant, and brighter skin thanks to the combination of 3 highly efficient skin care actives. Download>

Our Mask Formulations

Skin Nourishing Mask


This nourishing mask skin care formulation is designed to repair and support the protective lipid barrier of the skin and prevent moisture loss. Download>

The Beauty Maximizer Mask


This novel mask skin care formulation with SYN-STAR®, Niacinamide PC and PENTAVITIN® visibly reduce shine look and makes skin more beautiful. Download>

NEW! Transforming Comfort Mask


This Transforming Comfort Mask skin care formulation helps prevent premature age-related changes and strengthens the skin's structure. The Oil-gel texture transforms into a very soft milk when rinsed off with water. Download>

Our After Sun Cooling Spray

After Sun Cooling Spray


DSM’s After-Sun Cooling Spray skin care formulation offers instant relief to sun-stressed skin combined with long-term restorative care to minimize signs of aging. Featuring:

  • PEPHA®-AGE to stimulate the skin’s own defenses against sunlight and blue light
  • Allantoin to soothe and moisturize
  • Vitamin E to support regeneration of stressed skin