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DSM in Personal Care

Harnessing insights to unleash the full Power of Beauty

Malcom X once said “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” At DSM Personal Care, we truly believe in this and we feel that you need to spend time understanding the past, looking at what is happening today, and THEN innovating for the future.

With this in mind we have been looking in greater depth at the immediate and longer-term needs and desires of end-users to ensure that we use insights to co-create powerful products and solutions that really matter to them.

Harnessing insights to unleash the full Power of Beauty

At the cutting edge: world movements  into trends for personal care

How do we do this? We undertake our own extensive and in-depth market analysis, closely monitoring the major trends in markets, cultures and our industry.  We have also been collaborating with external trend analysts to generate a greater understanding of different trend levels and durations, as well as what drives them. In this way we gather and process important early insights into shifts and tendencies in global and regional markets.

But we also communicate directly with trend-setters where they are most likely to be found – online. For example on our own dedicated bloggers’ platform, The Beauty Connection.

Providing specific cultural context to our thinking

Before setting out to create dedicated solutions to people’s unmet needs, we look deeper to find out why they need what they do: Why do men not protect their scalp from sunburn? Why do Korean women prefer multifunctional skin care products? Why does skin glow mean something different in Brazil than it does in Russia?

Discovering the answers to these questions enables us to tailor our solutions to the specific needs of the very diverse markets we serve.

Going further and deeper to find answers

We are willing to go as far as it takes to find the answers we seek, visiting consumers in their own homes, observing their beauty routines and discussing their concerns – as we did on a journey to China, for instance.

Other insights required less travelling: our online beauty community in the Power of Beauty forum has provided us with valuable feedback from people – men and women, young and not-so-young – in every corner of the globe. Clashing their diverse views and ideas have been inspiring and generated a wealth of new ideas that are currently driving our innovation strategies.

Maximizing the value of insights

We use the insights we generate in many different ways:

  • To stimulate the internal innovation process
  • To visualize how our own portfolios align with consumer expectations
  • To develop the actives and ingredients our customers will be looking for
  • To support customers with information, training and workshops
  • To drive and inspire our R&D and Marketing teams as they generate entirely new concepts for us to take to our customers
  • And as an invaluable aid when discussing with customers how we can support them on the road to success in their key markets