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DSM in Personal Care

Our experts recommend...

DSM colleagues have been scrutinizing the in-cosmetics 2018 program and come up with some not-to-be-missed topics and sessions they think will inspire you.

Mathias Gempeler, Global Head Science & Promotion Skin Care suggests:

New claims in skincare: anti-pollution and probiotic ingredients

With increasing urban population, alarming pollution levels and growing number of skin conditions, an incipient awareness about holistic health and well-being is germinating. Consumers are looking for products that boost the body's own defences and help them to feel more connected to nature.

18 April 2018, 12:15 - 13:00
Marketing Trends Theatre
Speaker: Maria Coronado Robles, Senior Ingredients Analyst, Euromonitor International

Why: “The skin microbiome and pollution have become two key topics in the industry. The presentation of Maria Coronado Robles is an excellent opportunity to get more familiar with these topics and understand the opportunities but also the challenges for ingredients in this field.”


Bruno Trinquart, Head of Global Marketing Photoprotection and Performance Ingredients suggest:

What’s up from Asia & what’s next from Asia

Asian cosmetics from Korea, Japan or China not only promote specific beauty ideal, claims & routine, they also emphasize very different textures and experiences for the highest customer’s benefits. This presentation will give some inspirational & innovative working directions to R&D people as well as Marketing ones to be one step beyond for product development and market answers.

19 April 2018 12:15 - 13:00
Marketing Trends Theatre
Speaker: Florence Bernardin, Founder Information et Inspiration

Why: “Anyone looking at what’s up on the East part of the planet, I would recommend to attend Florence's talk. She is a truly inspiring person and no doubt that you will leave the room with hundreds of new ideas.”


Caroline Ploton, Global Marketing Manager Sun Care suggests:

Is the beauty industry doing enough to engage men?

As the beauty industry adapts to significant change amongst users, brands and marketing channels, the ‘usual’ male grooming consumer stereotypes are being challenged. What behaviors and attitudes underpin the emerging trends in male grooming that are opening up new opportunities for brands? How can the beauty industry develop more compelling and relevant strategies for male consumers of all ages?

17 April 2018 13:15 - 14:00
Marketing Trends Theatre
Speaker: Louise Barfield, Head of Marketing, Two by Two

Why: “In a context of the #metoo movement, we should not forget to take care of our “good men”! Let’s be inspired by this conference with the next Men beauty routine and solutions we can work on to make our men happy!”


Michele Marchini, Global Market and Consumer Insight Manager suggests:

Beyond natural - New frontiers in green formulation

“Green” has traditionally been seen as a rather basic segment of the cosmetic industry, but in recent years it has shown that this label is no longer suitable. This Workshop will address ways to deliver innovation beyond the mere concept of natural & organic. 

17 April 2018, 09:00 - 12:30
Workshop Room G104 - G105

Why: “The efficacy substantiation of natural products is an important journey that has just started. The industry needs to go beyond offering just natural extracts that sell thanks to their “naturality” and strive to deeply understand their efficacy and mode of action – there is so much we do not know yet about the power of nature!”


Rolf Schütz, Study Director, suggests:

New trends in cosmetic technology

17 April 2018, 13:30 - 17:20
Workshop Room G104 - G105

14:05 - 14:35
Does the combination of Artificial Intelligence and Genomics hold the key to reversing ageing
Speaker: Neil Foster, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Nuritas

Technology advances are disrupting industry after industry and no technology threatens to be more disruptive than Artificial Intelligence; from driver-less vehicles and replacing the family doctor to the more extreme visions of self-aware robots intent of destroying the human race. Nuritas have developed a technology that combines artificial intelligence with genomics to discover new targeted bioactive peptides from within nature.

Why: “I think that combining big data with AI will be a great opportunity to tackle the complexity of skin biology. Creating such tools will facilitate and accelerate future selection of novel active ingredients."