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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

Discover the seen and unseen worlds of beauty diversity, because there is so much more to us than what meets the eye!

We’ve dedicated this years in-cosmetics Global in Paris to diversity — a topic that matters for different stakeholders in the personal care industry. It affects our customers and their end products, the consumer, who is much more educated and personally involved when it comes to the product of his or her choice, and of course for us as a supplier — as we have the responsibility to develop solutions that fit to all different kinds of people of the world.

We had thought we already understood diversity, but we have recognized that diversity might be divided into two parts – which we call the ‘seen’ and the ‘unseen’. But, what does this mean?


Sometimes the visible differences between us appear obvious and are immediately seen and recognized by the human eye. These can be defined by our ethnicity, age, or gender, all of which can result in variation with, for example, our skin type or color, hair type or simply behavior – all of which are part of what creates diversity.


But many differences are unseen, not visible by the human eye, yet play a major role in defining who we are… such as the skin’s microbiome. By looking deeper into the landscape of the skin and its microbiome we can understand how individual needs vary. Sometimes the differences are huge; sometimes they’re miniscule. This is what makes each and every one of us unique. But what we’ve learned is there’s no simple guide to follow on this…Two people who look similar externally can have very different skin, yet two people who appear to be total opposites may share a lot of skin characteristics and needs.

The seen and unseen sides of beauty diversity

The seen and unseen sides of beauty diversity are defined by what we see immediately, and also what becomes apparent through time. It’s about the specific needs of every person. So, it’s important we keep on learning. The more we learn about the skin and its secrets – the factors that affect the way our skin looks or understanding different expectations and behaviors people have when it comes to their beauty routine – no matter if we talk about skin, hair or photoprotection - the more we will understand the unique aspects of us as individuals.

Our expertise in science allows us to explore a wide range of molecules, to identify the ONE that can deliver the best – visible and invisible – performance, in order for everyone to embrace the joys and challenges of individual beauty.