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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients


Event details:

09 Jan 2018
End Date:
10 Jan 2018
In attendance:


What does it take to create exceptional cosmetic formulas that consumers will love? We, as DSM Personal Care, have some answers and solutions to this question that we will be discussing at our booth 147/148. Thanks to a wide range of vitamins, UV filters, skin care actives, and performance ingredients - including sensory agents and hair polymers - at our disposal, DSM Personal Care is able to create consumer-inspired solutions developed by our formulation experts.

With the latest trends in mind, our laboratories have developed the concept "Build trust through transparency”, which offers 3 products; one skin care, one sun care and one hair care, all using a small number of carefully selected of ingredients. This concept meets a growing consumer need for simpler formulas, with powerful and effective ingredients. One product from the concept, the "Transforming Power Cream", is a transformational formula solid to serum, with the "Wahou” effect. It contains BEAUACTIVE®, a powerful new active ingredient that reduces the appearance of pores and age spots, as well as NIACINAMIDE PC, for visibly sublimated skin. Discover this powerful concept combining effective ingredients including transparent information on the composition!

We will also be introducing our newly launched SUNSCREEN OPTIMIZER™, so if you’re looking for a user-friendly interface that enables the development and optimization of efficient sunscreen formulations, then visit our booth (147/148), where you can start experimenting and optimizing your sunscreen formulations right away!
Following up on our competence in Sun Care, check out our selection of "Sun Protection Stars 2017" solar formulas, proposing innovative textures and formats in tune with the times (foam, stick, roll-on and more!).

Interested in a brand new “Make Up" concept? Our freshly developed “Boost Your Make Up” concept features three axes: creating an enhanced sensory experience with our VALVANCE™ modifiers range, added care with skin actives and vitamins, and guaranteed protection with UV filters.

Finally, we’re excited to share with you our new libraries in the field of Vitamins, and our commitment to keep our promises in the areas of quality, reliability, traceability and sustainable development, under the umbrella of the QUALI® brand.
We look forward to seeing you there!