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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

in-cosmetics North America

Event details:

17 Oct 2018
End Date:
18 Oct 2018
New York City
In attendance:
in-cosmetics North America


Visit booth #A71 at the in-cosmetics North America show in New York City on October 17–18, 2018 to discover brand new solutions showcased for the first time, including new Hawaii-compliant sun care, a novel stress-relieving facial jelly and much more - all designed to empower beauty creatives in their mission to deliver high-efficacy products to consumers.

In this era of increased transparency in personal care, both ingredient origin and efficacy are in sharp focus. As savvy consumers digitally chronicle cosmetic benefits in real time via social media, the burden for consumer-perceivable performance and “Instagram-worthy” formulations are at an all-time high. In response, DSM has leveraged their most cutting-edge technologies to deliver appealing formulations with powerful benefits in Skin, Hair, and Sun Care for today’s discerning beauty consumer.

DSM’s Beauty EMPOWERED delivers powerful ingredients and formulation concepts for four key areas:

Empowered to Protect…Ushering in A New Era of Protection

For Skin - New Hawaii-Compliant sunscreen formulations that protect skin from sunlight and more with novel formulations, in new formats, for multiple skin types and skin tones.
Formulations include an all-mineral stick formulation that rubs in clear on multiple skin tones, blue light skin protection, and formulations for blemish-prone skin.

For Hair – Protect Hair Style and Color from Fading with PHYTANTRIOL and PARSOL® SLX
Lock in color with our new Dry Shampoo formulation which features PHYTANTRIOL, a powerful fiber-sealing technology that visibly prevents wash out of various color shades. PARSOL® SLX provides multifaceted hair protection from UV and structural damage on an amino acid level, that delivers increased tensile strength.

Empowered to Fight Stress…Regardless of the Source

For Skin - Future-Proof Skin from the Effects of Daily Stress with BEL-EVEN®.
DSM’s newest cosmetic solution sustainably rebalances the skin’s own stress management system. Its featured jelly formulation has a “memory form” texture that instantly engages the senses by quickly recovering when pressed for a true “anti-stress” effect.

For Hair - Use Microbiome Beauty to Create a Healthy Hair Eco-System.
At DSM we believe that, besides the right balance of microbes on the skin, the interaction between microbes and skin (epidermis) is a key intervention point for actives to generate a healthy microflora. Discover DSM’s “epibiotic” approach to microbiome beauty – new ways to preserve, reinforce and restore healthy skin.

Empowered to Moisturize…Now and Into the Future

For Skin – True Hydration, Natural Cleansing and Novel Texture
DSM’s natural moisture-magnet PENTAVITIN® is proven to improve hydration of excessively dry skin after a single application. Our featured cleansing mousse formulation is a real cloud of smoothness, formulated according to global standards for natural cosmetics, to provide gentle cleansing for skin.

For Hair – Vitamin-Powered Moisture for Luxurious, Lush Curls
Free your curls with natural style and active ingredients. Our featured formulation delivers natural looking volume and bouncy curls with a soft touch. Carefully selected vitamins impart moisture and strength for the hair fibers.

Empowered to Transform…Fast Action, Visible Results

For Skin - Meet Hyaluronic Acid’s B.F.F. for Fuller, Firmer Skin
Hyaluronic Acid is one of the most sought after cosmetic ingredients globally for plump and moisturized skin. However, while Hyaluronic Acid’s high moisture-binding capacity makes it an excellent hydrator when used in cosmetics for fuller, firmer skin, hyaluronic acid alone is not enough. What is needed is an ingredient that allows the skin to work smarter, replenishing its own hyaluronic acid levels where it is needed, boosting the skin’s fullness and firmness, from within. That B.F.F. ingredient (booster of fullness and firmness) is SYN®-HYCAN. New clinical studies reveal that SYN®-HYCAN delivers a significant firming, filling and lifting effect across multiple skin zones (under-eye, cheek, jawline, neck…), leading to fuller, firmer skin within weeks.

For Hair – Get Beach-Ready Curls Instantly
Our featured formulation will imitate the effect of salt water on hair and allow you to style hair freely, as it contains the innovative TILAMAR® FIX A1000 together with Bali sea salt.

Let us help you tell the world how YOU empower beauty!

Join us at our booth #A71 so you can share how you empower beauty with the world. You will receive a professional headshot and a specially-framed image that you can share on social media. All participants will be entered in a raffle for a chance to win a special prize.