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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

15th Sun Protection Conference

Event details:

04 Jun 2019
End Date:
05 Jun 2019
Royal College of General Practitioners, 30 Euston Square, London
In attendance:
Sun Protection Conference


The 15th edition of the Sun Protection conference series will take place on the 4-5 June 2019 and DSM Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients is proud to be part of it as one of the main sponsors.

The Sun Protection conference has been running biennially since 1993 and is one of the leading events in the industry calendar. Delegates will be professionals working in the sun protection and skin care product sector, interested in the current status of the scientific aspects of sun protection technology.

The topic of this year’s conference includes two questions:

Which wavelengths, what testing, which claims? What is our message to the consumer?

The conference will examine and discuss the issues of which wavelengths we should be protecting against, how they will be tested, what is the regulatory position, what claims we should be making and what message we should be sending to the product users in terms of sun exposure and sun protection. As one of the leading suppliers for UV-filters and due to our aim to reduce the numbers of melanoma cancers by maximizing the lifesaving potential of sun protection products, we are strongly committed to focusing on novel performance-enhancing strategies that can protect people even better from the risk of skin cancer.

Join our leading sun care scientist Dr. Jürgen Vollhardt at his talk on June 4th, session 3 at 04:15pm where he raises the question: “How consumers embrace sun protection worldwide and can we influence it?”

What is the talk about?

Humans, even since ancient times, tend to see the sun as the source of life, warmth, enjoyment and relaxation. As much as this is very true, for many people it is hard to believe there is also a downside of sun exposure that calls for sun protection to make skin cancer rate decrease. We were interested to learn first-hand what consumers think about sun protection and sunscreen use. We conducted a quantitative survey with 5600 respondents in eight different countries.

In particular we asked about the barriers of avoiding the use of sunscreens. Surprisingly a quarter of people said they are not using sunscreens at all, but even among the users, there were many people that use sunscreens only under specific conditions, even in places like Australia. We drilled down these behaviors to beliefs and drivers and compared this with research that has been made on efficacy of communication on skin cancer prevention, in order to find out what should be done better.

Connect with our sun care team at the conference itself at our booth 1 to find more about our new Zink Oxide UV-filter, PARSOL® ZX – the mineral fusion for broad protection and discuss the latest findings on blue light protection.