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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

DSM Personal Care reinforces the Power of Beauty through its sensory competence at this year’s IFSCC

How can you reliably quantify primary and supplementary effects of sensory modifiers across various cosmetic formulation types? At this year’s IFSCC Dr. Jürgen Vollhardt, Competence Manager Personal Care R&D at DSM, opened his talk with this particular question!  

To ensure a reliable sensory analysis for cosmetic product development and improvement, it is always important to connect subjective consumer features (i.e. Do I like this texture?) with sensory product features by objective and descriptive analysis.

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What happens if a formulation shows adverse sensory aspects? To avoid time consuming and costly reformulation work, the solution could be found in using inert sensory modifiers. For the last 3 years DSM Personal Care has been operating an objective and descriptive sensory analysis panel with multiple reference products to calibrate a scale and a rigid evaluation scheme. This tool, combined with the sophisticated statistical mathematics of the data from multiple studies, allows us to predict important sensory differences a formulator will perceive upon utilizing DSM sensory modifiers. This approach demonstrates our competence in understanding the importance of sensorial attributes in market formulations and its influence on consumers. The presentation at this year’s IFSCC reveals our unparalleled understanding of customers’ needs, their brands and people’s beauty aspirations.

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